Career Voyage

Are you one of those people who always knew what you wanted to do when you grew up?
If so, count yourself as one of the lucky few.

For the rest of us, deciding what to study or do as a career can be overwhelming.
There are so many career options to select from. 

Career change statistics suggest that the average person will be making a career change approximately 5-7 times during their working life.

To help you with the important decision of choosing a career path and what to study, we have provided a free career and study planning tool called ‘Career Voyage’.  This tool will lead you through a simple yet effective career and study decision making process.

You will receive a personalised Career Voyage career and study report which will identify job and study suggestions for you from a broad range of occupations and qualifications based on your responses to relevant questions. 

If you would like to take the Career Voyage journey, please contact one of our Student Support Officers located at each College who can:
  • explain what is involved
  • provide you with your login details and
  • get you started.

Once you have your Career Voyage career and study report you can discuss course options with the Student Support Officers or make an appointment to discuss your career development pathways with one of our highly professional and qualified Career and Development Counsellors.

Once you have your login details, simply click on the button below to get started:




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