Active Learning Centres

TAFE SWSi have replaced conventional teacher focused classrooms with Active Learning Centres that are student-centred, flexible, interactive and attractive. Campbelltown Learning Centre. Students sitting around movable desks with big screen TV and laptops for personal use.

Active Learning Centres are largely unformatted, flexible learning spaces where the facilities for learning and teaching are modular. The furniture is on wheels so desks and technological tools can be easily changed and adapted to meet the students’ requirements.  

Students and teacher looking over a couple of lap tops together in the classroomThe active learning process, which caters for collaboration, reflection, meeting and presenting, gives students a “tangible, hands-on” experience at solving issues and problems as they would occur in any normal workplace. 

Learning tools offered by the Active Learning Centres include the ability to write on the glass walls which enclose each centre, to assist students brainstorm and demonstrate their ideas. 

Active Learning Centres have been in operation since July 2014 at four TAFE SWSi colleges including Campbelltown, Granville, Bankstown and Liverpool.

Watch the videos to find out more about TAFE SWSi Active Learning Centres.



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