How to lodge a complaint

Your suggestions and complaints are valued as they enable staff to address your concerns and improve the quality of our service. 
We will strive to remedy problems promptly and deal with each matter fairly.

In most cases an appeal process is available if you are unhappy with the outcome.

How can I make a suggestion or complaint?

You can make a suggestion or complaint orally or in writing.  If made orally it may need to be put in writing later.  We can assist you to do that. 
You can also complete an online complaint form below.


Your suggestion or complaint can be made to the person responsible for the place where the issue arose (eg Cluster Manager, another TAFE manager or the Institute Director).

If the complaint is about any of these people, then it can be made to their supervisor.

Request assistance if you need help.

It is preferable that you give your name and sign your complaint.  Anonymous complaints can be acted on only in certain circumstances.

How your suggestion or complaint will be handled?

When a suggestion or complaint is received it will be assessed in terms of its nature and seriousness. We will acknowledge it and we can give you an indication of the likely timeframe for dealing with it.

If it is about a policy or process rather than about a person, then the remedy and systems improvement procedure will apply.

If it is about a person, but not about an alleged serious breach of policy or procedure, then the negotiation procedure will apply.

If it is about a person, and it is about an alleged serious breach of policy or procedure, then the investigation procedure will apply.


If you feel you have not been treated fairly when your complaint was considered or that the result is unreasonable, you can appeal to the line manager of the person who responded to your complaint.  You may also wish to seek a review from an independent organisation.  External bodies that may be able to assist include the NSW Ombudsman (telephone 02 9286 1000), and the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW (telephone 02 9268 5555)

For more information

For more information you can contact the relevant Customer Service and Support Manager, another TAFE manager or call 13 7974.

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