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Fee-Free Scholarships and Government subsidised places now available!*

Smart and Skilled
Fee-free scholarships now available!*

The NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarships mean that you can get the skills you need to get the job you want and your course fees are covered.

Fee-Free Scholarship are designed to help people (15-30 years old) who are eligible for concession fees to undertake training under Smart and Skilled.

A priority will be given to young people living in social housing. Qualifications from Certificate I to Certificate IV levels are covered, including Apprenticeship and Traineeships.

Find out if you're eligible.

Have an existing qualification?
You may now be eligible to access subsidised* training

From 2016, students with a Certificate IV or higher qualification will be able to access subsidised Smart and Skilled training, available on the Skills List, up to Certificate III level.

If you meet the personal eligibility criteria for Smart and Skilled, you will now have access to a training entitlement in 2016, regardless of the level of any previous qualifications held.

This investment supports the Government’s Reskilling NSW Strategy aimed at helping people who gained their higher level qualifications many years ago or from overseas, who need minimal re-training in order to enter (or re-enter) the workforce.

To read more about eligibility for Smart and Skilled training, see Are you eligible?

Fee-Free pre-apprenticeship and
pre-traineeship training*

Thinking about taking an apprenticeship or traineeship but not sure which trade is right for you?

In the coming months the NSW Government will invest $10 million in short courses covering the introductory units of an apprenticeship or traineeship to allow you to get a taste of the trade or industry to determine if it is the right job for you.

The courses offered will be in areas ranging from construction, manufacturing and electrotechnology to cookery or early childhood education and care.

If you subsequently take up an apprenticeship or traineeship, any competencies you have completed in your pre-apprenticeship or pre-traineeship training will be recognised towards your full qualification.

In the meantime, TAFE SWSi has Trade and Career Readiness programs which you can undertake.

Find out more or see a list of our Trade and Career Readiness courses.


Smart and Skilled traineeship fees capped at $1,000 from 2016

From 2016, the NSW Government has capped the Smart and Skilled traineeship fee at $1,000.
Over 85 per cent of the current traineeship qualifications on the NSW Skills List will be cheaper for students in 2016, with the average saving being $1,128.

More information about apprenticeships & traineeships under Smart and Skilled.


Further information

To find out more about the changes visit the Smart and Skilled website, the State Training Services What's New section or contact TAFE SWSi on 13 SWSi (13 7974).
*  ‘This training is subsidised by the NSW Government’

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